The core of Natuzzi Editions is you.

We strive to bring you the latest in fashionable and comfortable upholstered furniture.  The options are endless and offered to accommodate your lifestyle. Our furniture styles are designed with you in mind – classic, casual, contemporary, modular and motion.

Who wouldn’t want to buy a piece of furniture that stands up to its name?

Year after year, The Natuzzi Group has been recognized for their comfort, design innovation and commitment to partners and consumers. Mr. Pasquale Natuzzi, Chief stylist of the Natuzzi Group, was inducted into the American Furniture Hall of Fame, 2008. Mr. Natuzzi is the first non-American to be inducted and to receive the prestigious “Affie” Award. The “Affie” is symbolic of Mr. Natuzzi’s iconic presence within the furniture industry.

Natuzzi Editions combines detail in design and Italian flair for everyday living. We offer styles for every taste and every situation from classic to modern, motion to casual, day to night. We produce luxury upholstered sofas, sectionals, chairs and ottomans designed for North America. We have a passion for leather, and that passion has made us the world leader in leather upholstered products.

Superior styling and tailoring make Natuzzi Editions the perfect choice for your living space.

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